Overwatch Compilation Gaming Video

Took some of the various footage myself and some friends captured over time lately and turned it into this hopefully fun little thing. it’s not all the characters or games we’ve done, but have had a blast in this game and I wanted to show it some love. Enjoy!

Players are: Ninjakittay, Resin8, Lunarcat, JahRastafari, Vanguard
MUSIC: Dj Antoine – This Time (Klaas Remix)
Editing in Premiere Pro (a lot of coffee was involved)

Wig’d Out Trailer

Edited this feature film trailer with the fantastic Kylee Pena in both Premiere Pro/AE. Rampant Designs FX.


Hair flies in the life of teenage Olivia, who is totally bald due to the medical condition alopecia. Olivia works at the hair salon that is owned by her ex-beauty queen mom, after school and on Saturdays. Olivia’s challenge is not her hair loss, but the relationship with her mother. Flora wants Olivia to wear wigs and compete in pageants, as she did. But Olivia has other plans. She wants to skateboard and attract the attention of Chad, the assistant manager of Skaterz Skateboard Shop. Olivia has no hair, but is surrounded by situations involving hair and beauty. The film will create awareness for alopecia as well as address teen bullying, self acceptance, diversity, how beauty is viewed, the mother/ daughter relationship and other teen issues.


Produced by Sandy Rusk Productions, in association with Olivia’s Cause. A Kate Chaplin Film. Starring Georgia Simmons, Cindy Maples, Tera Smith, Jose Sepulveda, Sabrina Duprey, Chandler Johnson, Noah McCarty Slaughter, Jenna Ruiz, Marc Price, Jeff Woytovich, Kayla Martell and more. Shot and edited by Bobby Dalley. Trailer edit: Katie Toomey and Kylee Pena. Music by Bri Terhune, We Are Forever and Ricardo Laranja. Filmed on location in Noblesville, Carmel, Fishers and Castleton, Indiana in the summer of 2015. Release date is April 13, 2016. Follow Wig’d Out the Movie on facebook and twitter for updates. www.oliviascause.org

Spirit Week

How do we show our spirit at Mullen Lowe Winston-Salem? With a shot-for-shot remake of a scene from The Breakfast Club, of course.

(watch the original scene: youtube.com/watch?v=tCK_uA3Y9Yg)

Starring role as The Basketcase (Ally Sheedy’s character) but in spirit week terms, I’m Pajama Day as a giraffe.

Work Work, Bang Bang

A tour de farce about working for the man & the sweet (and spicy) victory that comes when ya get risky. Created for the 2015 Mullen Lowe WS Spike Awards.

Edited in Premiere Pro CC 2014.

Boom mic operator/PA.

Bake to the Future

Mullen Lowe Winston Salem’s final Summer of Awesome event of 2015! This is an internal company video made for a baking for charity event at work. A fun spin on Back to the Future!

Edited in Premiere Pro CC 2015 + After Effects.