Spirit Week

How do we show our spirit at Mullen Lowe Winston-Salem? With a shot-for-shot remake of a scene from The Breakfast Club, of course.

(watch the original scene: youtube.com/watch?v=tCK_uA3Y9Yg)

Starring role as The Basketcase (Ally Sheedy’s character) but in spirit week terms, I’m Pajama Day as a giraffe.

Bake to the Future

Mullen Lowe Winston Salem’s final Summer of Awesome event of 2015! This is an internal company video made for a baking for charity event at work. A fun spin on Back to the Future!

Edited in Premiere Pro CC 2015 + After Effects.

Mark Greenburg, NETTTS/CDTFI

Short video of an interview with Mark Greenburg, from NETTTS/CDTFI who explains some information about the demand for truck drivers in the industry, his experiences and background, as well as the history behind the organization, CDTFI and CVTA. One example of several batch interview videos done for ParadigMedia to be included for trucking companies/schools such as Napier, TDI, and WMCDL.

Videography from ParadigMedia.
Editing by Katie Toomey.

Premiere + After Effects.

Heirloom Carpet Cleaning – How It’s Made/Done Style

Heirloom Carpet Cleaning services video explaining the various steps from initial inspection, dusting, washing, drying, and delivery/installation. The processes that go into their specialty carpet cleaning is fascinating to watch.

This video was shown at a large conference promoting Heirloom’s unique cleaning process.

October 2011.
Videographer: Aaron Whiteford
Editor: Katie Toomey
Freelance Project for Caboose Productions.

Interview with Kathleen McNally(S&C Promo)

Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers promo video featuring graduate and also now employee, Kathleen McNally talking about her experiences at the schools. Her life has completely changed after attending. This interview expresses her enthusiasm and gratitude for being able to move ahead in life.

One of an entire batch of interviews edited as part of a freelance project for ParadigMedia. No b-roll video provided. Edited down to 1-3 minutes from as long as half hour interviews.

Videography: ParadigMedia
Editor: Katie Toomey
Freeplay Music.