2011 Editor Reel


“Would you tell me which way I ought to go from here?” asked Alice.
“That depends a good deal on where you want to get,” said the Cat.
“I really don’t care where” replied Alice.
“Then it doesn’t much matter which way you go,” said the Cat.
– Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865), novelist and poet (1832-1898)

This perfectly reminds me of the process of editing this video reel. I’ve had a great many deal of ideas of how I wanted to lay out my newest editor reel. While I may not have accomplished everything I set out to do or said I would do, I am quite content with the results. Surprisingly, you would think you need an exact layout of what you want to do. But editing – it’s very organic. Sometimes, it comes to life before your very eyes without much prodding.

The process went very much like any other edit. I brought in all the various videos I knew I wanted to pull from. That can be the most overwhelming time, when you scrub through each video trying to pinpoint the best moments and how you will use them. I think even before I went to open Premiere CS5, I went into it trying not to care too hard about the process and just see where it took me. Before, say when I edited my last reel, I was very very focused and cared a great deal about every single thing involved. It might have even caused my video to lose it’s way, but it didn’t produce that lucky happy result where it all works. I think it bulked itself up a bit more than it should have.

Somehow, when you lose yourself and give up some control, you really might find what you are looking for! So I just simply stopped caring. I made fast decisions, cut here or there and almost knew where in the song I wanted the cut, used Magic Bullet (the one that comes with CS5, gah I wish the actual full plugin) to add a bit of a darker feel to the shots, and then found the most intense and dare I say dramatic piece of music off Freeplay. What on Earth was I trying to accomplish?

I wanted a short reel. This much I knew. Within about a minute. I mean, who can’t wait for just a minute for something? I wanted to grab the viewer as fast as possible and keep their attention the whole time. Maybe shock or intrigue with the various cuts I made. Not so jumbled it would leave the viewer feeling icky, but Hopefully, in the reel, I’ve accomplished that much. The music was specifically interesting to me, and isn’t it true that sometimes we don’t know WHY exactly we like something…we just do. It set the pace of the edit – I knew some spots could be more mellow, and then BAM! It’s like a wakeup call to whomever is watching with the faster cuts, aided by the fact that I had a lot of great footage to pull from. The Sons of Amber shots were probably the most perfect for cuts to match the music, and admittedly I’m very partial to that film since we invested so much time and effort.

Advice for anyone editing their reels is the following: Do not overthink it! Sure, it may be nice to add in a ton of AE effects and all these big grand ideas, but at the end of the day, it’s what you can do for ‘now’ that matters most. And do it the very best you can, that’s all anybody can ask for. Once I stopped putting unreasonable ideas on the table, this reel just came to life. And even if it wasn’t everything I ever dreamed for, what is exactly what you hoped to be? That is why these reels are always changing to highlight our skills. And there you have it…

Cutting Room Editing Challenge (Stock Footage)

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/21211359]

– Looking for a Light in the Dark – *note: I had a change of heart while writing this post, and decided “Seeking a Light Within the Dark” was better!

I decided to enter a purely editing video contest, as did several other people I know. When I saw the subject material, theme, + stock footage all together, I really wanted to sit on my idea for a night or so. The stock footage was honestly shot quite nicely. I felt the excitement coursing through my veins looking at nice pans and racking focus and interesting angles (can we say Dr. Who diagonals? Yess, we can!) I went through all the clips individually, piecing together a temporary story for these two ‘homeless’ men. First, I let myself go through all the contrived terrible ideas, like adding text as a ‘voiceover’ or making it just over the top. Then, you have to let the idea sift through, develop, process, and ‘bake’. haha Okay, wait, am I talking about baking or editing now?

Ah yes, rules. There were some. I attempted to follow them all, as well, because let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than putting out a great video but disqualification because you didn’t use royalty free/public domain sounds or music, or you add the dreaded star/heart wipe they specifically are against, etc. Everyone should ‘lrn2read’ very well for these types of contests. However, can I just add it kind of spooks me out that they even need to warn people against a heart or star wipe? FEHHH! Even in parodies, use them sparingly I say!

I just love this framing...

I must say there were quite a number of great shots in the footage, but there was specifically two shots that I knew I wanted to open with. There is man sitting on a green chair, and the framing is done so in a way that you may not precisely realize where he is or what is going on. I chose that shot on purpose to sort of introduce him, and just as his eyes look over to the right – then I cut to a wider angle that instantly or hopefully shocks the viewer just slightly even, to show him and his little cart of trash and treasures, and that he is clearly homeless now. I want to bring up an important point about visual cues now. For simple fact that he looks over to the right, and in the next shot the cart is placed directly right of him. Also, if one looks closely, he is brooding in the first shot, and at least with me, I as a viewer might look at that shot and wonder to myself ‘I wonder what he’s looking at or what happened’. Remember how in English classes you were taught to open with a thought-provoker or shocking statistic or tidbit…well, I would like to think that my first two shots invoke a great introduction to what my piece was about.

Illustrating the beauty of tight to wide shot...

Now, you may be wondering yourself, what is this video trying to say? What angle did I take? Documentary, short film, PSA, commercial, music video, etc? Kylee Wall, who does not even NEED an introduction as she’s awesome (but for the sake of familiarity, she’s a wonderful friend, cohort, editor, colleague etc. of mine), had the presence of mind to describe to me what she thought about my video. I quote, “an overture for those in need, an orchestral arrangement of visuals…” Can I just say how brilliant that remark is? I think that describes exactly what my video is. Will it also translate that way to the other viewers, well, I can only hope!

And isn’t that what we all want, as editors, is to hope and understand that our viewers might see a bit of insight into how we arranged cuts, added fades, even chose the music. It’s no secret that my piece relied heavily on pacing and the music especially. I wanted to test and experiment with myself, to learn to hold back and slow the pacing to match the cues in the music. As much as I enjoy fast and furious cuts, I found a new calm in the storm of editing by allowing myself to just let the music dictate my cuts, even if I felt the pause made me ansy, I knew it was essential.

Get intimate with your footage. He drops his head in defeat shortly after this moment.

Which brings me to another point. Visual cues, effects, and the addition of motion graphics. Can anybody please explain to me why so many feel it necessary to douse their effort of editing with oodles of overtly fancy fonts, motion text or graphics, and just overall UNNECESSARY additions? To me, that screams ‘Hey! I can’t edit footage and let it speak for itself, I have to dress it up like a wolf in sheep’s clothing in hopes you won’t notice the barely existent storyline’, etc. Perhaps this may come across harsh, and I actually do mean it to. Don’t get me wrong. I am not proud of my first or second or even subsequent edits back when I started even becoming interested in video production or post-production. However, you must understand that one does not simply take footage, toss it together, then laden it full of effects and motion graphics and then export. In your hands, quite plainly, is ENDLESS possibilities.

You can tell ANY story you would have wanted to with this stock footage. I was feeling hopeful that I would see other neat angles people took, and while a few interested me, I have to say I was also absolutely sickened, shocked, and completely turned off by some of them. One video probably earned the most distasteful video I have ever seen in a very long time. 12 years old, or not, who’s to say being on the internet anybody can be “anybody”. Besides that point, I won’t even touch it with a ten foot pole without bearing the grunt of the people who want to pat someone on the back for a job well done without much else thought involved.

Does an expression like this, even *need* words or any undertones to convince the viewer? I think NOT!

Many of them chose a religious angle. Those that know me, also know I am not a religious person. Just know that I will not bash a video simply because of that angle, however, I found that it became more centered around the religion and not the people. I think that is a mistake on the behalf of the person editing the video. While you need your emotions and your own angle and thoughts involved to make this story yours, you also need to consider the overall intended message. A story about homeless people could have taken many avenues, so I don’t understand why when upon viewing a couple of them, I felt the editor wanted the viewer to seek out the nearest church, instead. Hmmm, that is only my perspective and certainly not the ‘end-all’ of what everyone should think.

I must say that I am a fan of matching cuts. If you know me, you know I have learned over time to really really despise unnecessary transitions. You may see a few matching cuts within mine purely for a selfish reason. And yes, for once, you will see many fades, a couple cross-fades, and one fade to white. I enjoy testing myself to see what I’m capable of making realistic. It is no easy task to match most shots, unless it was planned ahead of time, which normally it is, but it doesn’t always work out. I also decided to use more fades and even crossfades, and one shot distinctly has fade to white! Yes, I know!! But I had a meaning behind every fade and every effect. The cross-fades were used to indicate that passage of time. The fades thrust the homeless people back into the dark that they probably must live in day in, and day out. Also, I specifically sought out shots where the person’s eyes are searching out something, somewhere, that we cannot see. I felt that was a vital part of my initial title and message, “Looking for a Light in the Dark”. I almost wish I had made it “Seeking a Light Within the Dark” Hmmm…hahah.

absolutely loved the way this shot panned to out of focus lights on the tree.

It also helps the viewers to perchance feel like they are closing and opening their eyes. Like really seeing these guys for who they are, everytime it fades back out and back in, maybe the viewer will feel just a little more for each of them. The fade to white I felt was necessary on the brink of the new day. The homeless man with the bottle, the sunlight directly in his eyes, like he’s waking up from a very long spaced-out period of time. I’m hoping that it helps snap the viewer back into reality and the timeline of my pacing.

At one point during the edit, I let it sit overnight. I was probably about halfway through, maybe a bit longer. I had a feeling I was going to hit about 3 minutes by the end of it. I so enjoyed the ‘Dark Times’ musical piece I found, so I thank Kylee for reminding me about this royalty free site. My usual favourite is Freeplay music, but I just couldn’t justify buying music for a fun side project. (or not yet?) I also couldn’t justify spending 50$ to add any cool timelapse or other artsy fun clips to this footage. For once in my life, I think I took the most straightforward approach I ever could have, allowing the footage and people within to speak for themselves, with the help of the music choice. No text, No voiceover, just a visual story ready to ensnare whomever watches.

This shot says more than you know without any words. The framing, shadows, the fence, his face. Dig deep into yourself to feel what they are feeling.

Overall, I am happy to have had this experience in editing. I learned a few new things about myself, and about editing, and why I chose what I chose to do. The prize was an engraved Ipad, which hey, totally cool! I wish the best of luck to those I knew who entered, and even more luck to those I may have judged harshly, but I think the key point here is that while everyone may be able to pick up a camera and make a video, or load up an editing program afterward, not everyone is cut out to tell a GOOD story.

OH! And a big fat PS: Yes, it is possible to be homeless and own a cell phone. How is this possible you think to yourself? Isn’t that indicating they have money, etc? While that is a good first thought, I have actually known people who have been homeless. People who love them may pay to keep on a no-contract pay as you go type phone, or the person themselves will try to at least turn one on from time to time to keep in touch. Sometimes, bad things happen in life. It doesn’t mean you lose every form of contact. I specifically chose to highlight this, and I noticed most everyone shied away from it because they thought it indicated the person wasn’t homeless. This just isn’t the case. I suppose I was thinking specifically about people who might be alcoholics and lose their friends, home, but still keep in contact with their family or loved ones because while they have no where to live, and may not get along or be allowed to live within someone’s home, there’s still someone out there that cares about this person. I think that message is even deeper, perhaps. Gone are the days of only the rich owning a cellphone. It’s safe to say in these days, the minority is those who do -not-.

/end thoughts on cellphone shot.

Time to update my reel…

Hope everyone had a lovely New Years! I am feeling quite hopeful and more positive about this year vs. 2010. In order to get the ball rolling, I’ve been doing several things to make myself more confident, happy, and healthy. This is not any part of any New Year resolution mind you – I started these things in December and back in October in fact.

There’s always a project looming in the distance. Perhaps you’ve wanted to do a tutorial or re-cut your reel, try something new, or enter a film festival or contest. It’s something you’ve said time and time “I want to do…*insert*” BUT something comes up, you can’t find the motivation, you lose your way…it happens!

Editing a new reel has been the 500 pound elephant sitting on my shoulder for quite some time now. There is always an intensity that can be overwhelming when I think about re-cutting my reel. Trying to transfer the ideas I have, sorting through the footage I’ve taken over time can be daunting. Some of my goals for this new reel has included:

  • Motion Graphics
  • Story-telling pieces (such as Sons of Amber or Cooper O’Brien)
  • Solid cuts
  • Demonstrate the passion + love + skills

See, when I see this list written out, I know it’s nothing I am not capable of performing. Today I am going to start taking out pieces I don’t need/like, thinking about the best ways I can incorporate some motion graphics, and using After Effects to include these pieces. It may take the next day, or the next week to really see this through.

Reels are one of those things that can always change. I sort of like the play-dough feeling about how easily you can take away or add back into a video reel. Often times, I find I need to really watch my length or you start pulling out footage you swore you would never feel ‘married’ to and insist inside your mind that it MUST be in there.

Here is my very first reel I believe in 2009-ish time period:


Isn’t it cute? I really didn’t exactly KNOW what I was going for – other than to tell a good story AND include every single piece I’d ever done and feel proud of them. Heh. What I can say is that I tried my hardest but it obviously wasn’t the best. Everyone has to start somewhere right? I can see a lot of the errors I made while cutting this reel. I wanted epic music, but it didn’t necessarily suit everyone that saw it. Considering it was my first reel and cut based on only the small amount of knowledge I had during that time, it’s really not too bad. It was full of optimism and that’s not a bad thing.

Here is my most recent reel from 2010 which is also on my website, however I cannot link the video through this. Please visit it here.

I was proud of this reel. I really took the time to think about the clips I included – but it was lacking in several things. Where’s the motion graphics? Is this what held me back? I really don’t know for sure. I still felt like I needed more interesting and varied footage to really flesh out this reel. I did do several projects and side weddings and such that I kept wanting to add to this reel. What I found when opening this reel to possibly edit my 2011 reel, was that I almost wanted to start over new. Look at every video piece as either rubbish or find the few gems hidden within and only use those that help not hinder! Find a creative way to tie them all together to incorporate the motion graphics. This is where I’ve felt stuck for some time. I had a few ideas, but nothing terribly great. If I figure out the theme I’ve been stuck on, it may take a week or two to hunt down and test out these ideas. I’m okay with that. I want quality work if I am to include special effects or motion.

It’s hard when you’re trying to multi-market yourself and your skills. If you perform any searches, you know there’s different types of reels for different positions. When you are straight up an editor, you want more of a story-telling piece to show off your skills. However, if you are in production, you want to highlight your videographer skills and can highlight many many pieces. I have always been a bit down the middle of the road, in hopes that somehow this will help me in my job search. This far, it hasn’t been terrible but it hasn’t been what I wanted it to be!!

Thus, I will be doing as much research into the best editor reel I can produce that will target the right companies and leave a bit of curiosity or interest in order to get the kind of job I’d eventually like to have. I am not afraid to try new things or put myself out there for the bigger picture. (Need I even say I would like to work on bigger film projects? However, in order to get there, is a very very VERY long road ahead, and I will try my best to cut the best reel for my needs at any given time)

Wish me luck!

PS: A bit of inspiration hit me – I won’t elude all of it just now, until I have time to shape it, but I may be incorporating the following to make quite an interesting, gritty, fun, strange type of reel that just might be what I’ve been looking for! I’ll be on the hunt for gritty, dark, strange, and interesting tutorials. I have my theme. Dust, dirt, grit, and post-apocalyptic will all tie in my clips. It’s amazing how fast inspiration comes when one isn’t looking for it.

I will be doing my own effects similar to this – http://videohive.net/item/1080-hd-film-damage-14-pack/86329

Perhaps tinkering around with the following for various areas of the reel as well –




Resolutions: A Glimpse Into the Past (2010)

I’m not speaking about the type of resolutions where you quit smoking, lose weight, stop eating junk food, etc. however good those may be. Nay, I’m speaking about the resolutions I made to myself the beginning of 2010 of goals and things I wanted to do for my video related interests. While I don’t have a physical list of this because I just sort of mentally made it and now I shall rattle them off as I think of them.

2010 Resolutions

Participate in a contest/festival – Check

48 Hour Film Festival came to Indianapolis in August 2010. Our 48 hour film was a bigger success than I could have hoped. Going into it, I had no idea what to expect. I think I expected the unexpected, chaos, running around like chickens with our heads cut off, and the typical “hurry up and wait” that is production. I am very proud of Cooper O’Brien & The Magical Moustache, and those involved including Kylee Wall, Aaron Whiteford, Jeremiah Nickerson, and Joshua Fike as well as Landes Costumes by Rachel (starring Rachel herself as the ticket attendant), the makeup/hairstylist help, and our amazing actors and actresses. Everyone pulled together and made it happen!

Be involved in a local film set – Check

“Leah, Not Leia” was an interesting and insightful experience that Kylee Wall & I did as Production Assistants this past summer. I did everything from hurry downtown in rush hour to get a camera backup battery to setting up/tearing down equipment (/flex) or using the clapper & calling out shot info to holding up reflectors or directing the cast where to get setup. It was overall amazing. I’m very grateful to have been given a ‘taste’ of a real production company set with an actual budget, and it was nice to be a part of something local. I remember back when we interviewed for the position, I didn’t really know where it was going to go or what would happen. By the last day, I was feeling pretty wonderful to be the person ‘behind the scene’ just doing whatever I could to help make things smoother. The biggest day was the pool party scene where my pale Irish skin endured the sweltering heat and relentless sun in order to get the shots done! It was a fun day on the set.

Do More Side Projects – Check

Several weddings occurred this year that I helped film and/or edit.

Learn More Tutorials – Check

This year, I learned some new techniques I can use towards filming and editing. The most recent being the Snowglobe tutorial in After Effects, but really this spans across the board.

Really, I’m sure there’s more my brain isn’t cooperating to think about…so I guess I’ll leave this post open to add in more as I remember, OH YEAH, I did *insert whatever*.

Times flies…

Oh my! I intended to keep this updated at least once a week, but December has not been my friend as of late. However, I shall move past my little break in posts to talk about a few upcoming things! Firstly, via my video cohort & friend Kylee Wall, we discovered our little group Pants Cannon Media was featured in the Informatics IUPUI Fall 2010 Magazine as seen here:

We're featured!

What’s funny about all this is we had no idea we were even in the magazine. Wish they would have included a picture or maybe not separated the names with some giant ad. Oh well, I guess we’re “moving up” in the world.

Also, we entered it in the Dam Short Film Festival, coming up on January 1st, 2011 we shall find out if we made it in the top ten! If we did, it’s fly to Nevada? I kid. But atleast our video will get some recognition. That would be exciting. Also, just now, the video was edited down to 3 minutes and thus entered in the 3Fest around February 2011 down in South Bend, IN. I like the idea it’s local and featuring 3 minute shorts. Very fun! Hope we receive some recognition. Recently, I’ve come across some contests and random things I’ve thought of doing, but nothing to fruition, but I love having things “in the works”. I can’t wait for the new year. In fact, here coming up I’m going to post about my past resolutions I fulfilled and then my new ones for 2011. Woohoo! Alas, work is calling and so is my coffee!

After Effects Snowglobe Tutorial

On Kylee’s recommendation, I’m going to make a cute Holiday greeting using Adobe CS After Effects (I have both CS3, CS4, & CS5 on my computer, but I’m going with CS5 here) and some magic. I kid, with some hard work and luck I’ll put together a snowglobe with snow.

First, I visited a tutorial located on the best of the best CreativeCow by Rob Mize. It’s a video tutorial, which should make following along a bit easier. I’m very excited to try this out, and I need to seriously warm up/brush up on my AE skills as it’s been a little while since I cracked it open. I’ll take some screenshots as I go along and thus document my progress with it.

And it begins...

It took me a minute to recall changing the gradient colors, because I found when I switched the color, it would take off the gradient. Rinse, repeat, curse at AE, then realize OH! Durrrrp. And fix it. I’ll admit CS5 is a bit different than CS4, and even still, it’s been long enough this is a good refresher. Edit Gradient was hiding a bit in my composition under the Fill edit, soooo. Yeah. You know how when you focus too long on something, and block out being able to solve it, go away, come back and bam! Instantly you find it. Moving on!

(Edit: Now I realize the lines to drag the gradient around don’t exist the way they do in the tutorial, so I’m going to open CS4 to investigate the differences)

Ahha!! Cs4 is following along a lot better. So, we move onto the gradient shading and now add text. Here is why font is so important. This just happened to be the fontSappy Solidays! xD that came up when I typed Happy Holidays, which looks hilariously like ‘Sappy Solidays’.

Maybe it’s just late or I’m getting loopy, but I was amused! Now the fun part. The globe base was relatively easy with the CC Sphere and some lighting techniques. Then I swiftly moved onto making the globe. The globe was so much fun! The minute I added the living room picture as the reflection, the glass really came alive. I couldn’t help stopping and grinning like an idiot, as I know with tutorials many can accomplish this, you just have to give props to someone crafting these, because so many people learn things and feel accomplished just by small additions to the project. So after adding the shine, lighting, and the living room picture, I crafted this:


OoooOooo, fancy! 🙂 Now, even though I thoroughly followed along and retried several times thinking I did something wrong, I was having issues getting CC Particle World to spread itself out the same way it did in the tutorial. This drove me slightly mad, as I redid it several times and felt very stumped. Not to mention, blindly following onward in hopes I’d see the snow magically appear in a render, I found that the Monotype Sorts font needed was $29.99 >:o hoho, tis the season for buying right? But, surely there’s a way around this to still create a snowflake from D out of say, wingdings or something. So off I go to research that.

Success! A little research, and a little luck with free use (for non commercial anyway) within two fonts I found one that AE doesn’t spit back out at me ‘Does Not Compuuuute!’ and thus I can FINALLY move onward. The font I went with, WWFlakes, is not only free, but is working like a CHARM!! I still can’t see the snow the way I should, but hey, I have individual snowflakes progressing for my texture to put on the invisible hopefully magical CC Particle World.

Allllmost there XD

Here’s where I am now. Now, when it came to images for the inside of the snowglobe, the sky is the limit really. I thought to myself, hmm, no snowglobe is complete without an amusing and cute ‘I Can Haz Cheezeburger’ kitty. So, in goes the ‘kittay’. I must say at this stage I am pleased with the lighting, definitely digging the reflections, and if you imagine there’s neat snowflakes, I’m only a few steps from completion.

Okay if you skipped everything else and just want the nitty gritty!!! See here! The composition settings of 1280 x 1080 are not conducive for exporting to say, Youtube, or elsewhere really. Also, silly me, the issue with the CC Particle World was not due to human error but because for some reason, After Effects decided to change things up and open with frames in the timeline versus actual time. Now, laugh all you like *gives dramatic pause* Still laughing? Alright, I admit it was a goofy mistake on my part, but given that I’m used to programs opening a certain way, think of it as a friendly reminder to always always always double check your settings, the timeline, and other preset things you think are good to go (because sometimes they are

Yay it's all come together! Proof I finished what I started.

not!) Thus 30 frames is very very different than 30 seconds of time!!! Many tweaks later, I had to adjust the composition size to 1280 by 720, and tinker with the camera settings since now my composition is a lot shorter than it was. I also needed to tweak the radius and though his settings are pretty solid on the globe, base, etc., feel free to tinker around with things a little bit based on how your individual globe turned out. That’s my BEST advice. The video is now on my website, but for purposes I will include it here. Without further adieu, enjoy!


Phillip Bloom-esque Videos

If you don’t know who that is, let me enlighten you.

Phillip Bloom is a DP, Director, & Filmmaker. You can find him on Twitter as well. He’s all around pretty awesome when you check out his blog, his gear store, etc. I was talking to my video cohort Kylee when she suggested we try to shoot something around Indy in his style. There’s really no good way to define his style without sounding like a complete babbling idiot or missing something. Rather, I’ll link you a video to watch so you can get a feel for it.

There’s something I really love about his style. I love how at any point, you can stop the video and it’s like a magnificent still shot. The way he tells a story so candidly, a bit like a documentary in fact. You don’t have to be a filmmaker to really appreciate the subtle movements of the camera and effects such as time-lapse. There’s certain moments captured, like the older grandfather holding a child and smiling and pointing at something in the sky, or a dog trotting through the sand slowed down, that it appears almost surreal.

Time-lapse. I must say it’s one of my favorite techniques. How cool does a sky go rolling by with clouds from sunrise to sunset, or say like the project I did for college video class, where we let an ice cube melt over time, then reversed it so the ice cube appears to be sucking itself back into the cube from liquid form. Paired with a cliche but well suited techno track, I really enjoyed that technique. I see it all the time on TV shows or movies as well.

Some time in late December 2010 this month or January 2011, I expect we’ll be roaming about in the cold and snow to catch some shots around Indy. I really can’t wait. It’s been a bit since my last video project, which was of a friend of a friend’s wedding.

I can already go through my own “movie” aka: in my mind, and think of various places to shoot at. The Monument Circle all lit up, the statues with spotlights shadowing nooks and crannies, the Canals downtown (albeit the water may be half-frozen or such), the bare trees of Military Park, the night traffic coming through IUPUI, someone waiting for a taxi outside a restaurant, and the night life of downtown Indy near Circle Center Mall, and perhaps the street entertainers or the old lady who always is selling roses for loved ones to give to one another…etc.

So, going to end this post short tonight as it’s snowing like crazy and I have a stuffed crust pizza calling my name! Stay warm, and thanks for reading!


Hello there! I modestly introduce myself, Katie Toomey, as a video editor in the little land known as Indianapolis, IN. Please see my About Me page to get acquainted. You are welcome to add me via social network sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. and don’t forget to check out my Portfolio!

I’m going to be writing about video related interests, experiences, news in the video world, or tutorials I try out. I hope you will find it interesting and offer any advice or comments as you come across my posts.

To start today off, I’ve really been wondering about the job market for video editors (or video professionals) in general. I even went so far as to lay out a list of things I’ve done (along via my video cohort & best friend Kylee Wall) in order to see what else I could be doing for myself in my job hunt.

Things I have done in regards to Networking:

  • Available through Google Search with hits on my website, www.katietoomey.com (which shows up instantly on Google) & YouTube channel with some videos reaching thousands of hits, as well as Social Media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Interview with Video Editor
    • Through a connection, I went to visit a video editor, picked their brain for a few hours, made some contacts and asked for advice on the current job market and freelance advice
    • Though I have yet to inquire some companies about job shadowing (which if you recall, I did in that class already for , I’m greatly considering it if it might help me. I’m researching some companies and making out a plan for that…but that is really quite minor.
    • Local Film Connection, “Leah Not Leia”
      • Unpaid Production Assistant position I took with several local production companies here collaborating this short film in Indy, such as Karmic Courage and Inverted Staircase production. Met various contacts, actors/actresses, etc. Many of which are added on my social media. It will show up in conventions this Fall 2011.
      • Film Contests & Festivals & Networking Groups
        • 48 Hour Film Festival for Indy where we won best musical score, Award-Winning Local Short Films event in Broad Ripple, Indiana Filmmakers Network, Indiana Final Cut Users Group, etc…
        • Also, participated in Social Media contest hosted by Ben Stein “YouTube Video Volunteers: Animal Spotlight” contest of which we were in the top ten voted videos!
          • This is just to illustrate how I’ve gone to meetings, groups, or contests to get my video work out there. I think half the issue again, is that a lot of people are only willing to offer free work for “experience”, or they just have nothing going on right now.
          • Applying to Jobs Daily/Weekly
            • This is a daily occurrence of which I scour the internet for any opportunities. I use many websites to search, like Mandy.com, Craigslist, Linkedin, Career Builder, Monster.com (though opportunities here are very scarce), etc.
            • I have terrible luck on Craigslist. Yes, I can get freelance and side jobs here, but people are notoriously bad about responding, even if the job was given away already. I spend much effort and time on cover letters that go unanswered. I can send you an example cover letter if you’d like to see what I’m saying in them.
            • Volunteer/Free Work
              • Great example is through my internship at Nuvo, as well as editing Oranje Art event’s promotional video from 2009 last year, and strictly volunteer work shooting & editing videos for local no-kill cat shelter called Cat’s Haven on my own time.

Well, there you have it! Next post in regards to Phillip Bloom-esque videos, who I think we’ll be giving a try at doing ourselves in the future!