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TRESemme How to Get the Look: Glam Waves

Multi-cam web spot for Tresemme’s line of products for waves. Premiere Pro/After Effects/Resolve.

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Pep Boys Founder's Day Sales

Edited :30/:15’s in both English and Spanish. Here’s one example with the :30. I tend to cut these promos monthly, so will upload more in the future. Created in Premiere Pro/After Effects.

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Auntie Anne's Pop Promos

Two :15 spots combined into :30 for Auntie Anne’s with motion gfx and some in-store footage. Created in After Effects.

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Editor Reel

A collection of works including a feature film, animated music video, ad spots, broadcast & web, & motion gfx. A sampling of work that cannot be shown here can be shared privately. Logo wonderfully created by Pencil Butter:¬† Edited in Premiere Pro CC by Katie Toomey. Awesome light leak FX by Rampant Design Tools:¬†  

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Love Dance Teaser

Check out this LEAKED FOOTAGE from “Love Dance”, a new sexy comedy from Karmic Courage Productions! We snuck into the edit suite while the editors were taking a coffee break, and grabbed this sneak peek. Hope they aren’t too mad! Due in early 2012, “Love Dance” follows a married couple who decide to spice things […]

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Mark Greenburg, NETTTS/CDTFI

Short video of an interview with Mark Greenburg, from NETTTS/CDTFI who explains some information about the demand for truck drivers in the industry, his experiences and background, as well as the history behind the organization, CDTFI and CVTA. One example of several batch interview videos done for ParadigMedia to be included for trucking companies/schools such […]

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He Who Watches Teaser

Short teaser. Upcoming trailer and premiere this February & March! “Diagnosed with an incurable illness, Laura hangs on the edge of life and death as she is haunted by her recent past – and a mysterious figure.” Directed by Katie Toomey and Kylee Wall. Starring Sarah Hoback and Eric T. Schroeder. The Collective V3 DVD […]

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Going Nowhere

Documentary about recent college graduates who are unable to find work in this economy told from the perspective of a Jackson, Michigan citizen named Diana. Music – Blue and Gray by Groove Component Explode – Tay Zonday Videography and editing by Kylee Pena (Wall), Katie Toomey, and Aaron Whiteford

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Jason + Blair 2.13.10

The wedding of Jason and Blair Garland on February 13, 2010 in Indianapolis. Videography by Katie Toomey and Kylee Wall Editing by Kylee Wall Audio – Smother Me by The Used

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Heirloom Carpet Cleaning - How It's Made/Done Style

Heirloom Carpet Cleaning services video explaining the various steps from initial inspection, dusting, washing, drying, and delivery/installation. The processes that go into their specialty carpet cleaning is fascinating to watch. This video was shown at a large conference promoting Heirloom’s unique cleaning process. October 2011. Videographer: Aaron Whiteford Editor: Katie Toomey Freelance Project for Caboose […]