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48 Hour Film Project @ Indianapolis: Experience + Tips v2.0

(To read about my favourite 48hfp experience & tips, please see my other post) However, continue reading for another flavor to how these contests can go...) It's the last week of July 2011. The 48 hour is upon us again. We managed to continue with pretty much same team and same cast with a few new additions. That anxious moment of waiting to draw…

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48 Hour Film Project @ Indianapolis: Experiences + Tips

It has been two years (2010 + 2011) that I've now participated in the 48 Hour Film Project that comes to visit Indianapolis around the last weekend in July each year. I had two very different experiences on each film, which is to be expected. The 48 hour Film Project is a strange sort of beast. It's "one giant big¬†medieval mess"¬†as Merlin in Sword of the Stone might say. It's quite a bit of everything. On the good side, it's a lot of excitement, a rush, innovative, on your toes critical thinking, and all around creative. The…

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