I was recently interviewed by a fellow post/editor on Twitter, asking lots of interesting and fun questions about everything related to post and how I got started as an editor. It’s been a long and personal journey for me getting started. Read my thoughts about organization, how to overcome tough edits, problem clients, how to deal with the director/editor relationship, tips/tricks, and more!

I’m very honored and thrilled to have gotten a chance to write down my thoughts and contribute to an amazing group of editor interviews.

Love the clever title, frame of reference 🙂 +1 to that!

A quick taste:

Name one thing that you would tell an aspiring editor
Don’t give up! :-) There will be a lot of struggle in the years ahead. Go to Creative Cow and other awesome forums or websites for inspiration or help. Find yourself a network and utilize it for knowledge, advice, & comradery. Keep moving forward and stay positive. You will make it to your happy edit cave one day.

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