I hurriedly caught up Hunger Games in anticipation to see the movie. I’d heard a bit of speculation since I didn’t go release night week. I’d heard good and bad.

Thankfully, I usually don’t care about all the intial reactions and either go see movies or not to find out for myself 😉 So off we went! But so you know, I enjoyed the first book. I’m into the 2nd one, already halfway. It’s very quick reading because some of the scenes get intense or dark, which makes it hard to put it down. I guess I am a “voracious reader” as one friend put! 😀 There are some slower going moments, but it builds back up. I at least want to know more, and that’s an encouraging thought.

Now let’s talk about the movie!

The opening was a bit unexpected. Awkward, I think for those who have not read the books. OH BTW SPOILERS MIGHT BE HERE SOOO uhhhm. Yeah. Turn around if you haven’t seen xD

I would agree the whole beginning was a teensy bit lacking. I like they use the song. Madge was non-existant. That’s okay I suppose. We’ll see and hear about her later. I did like how the pin originated from her so I missed that. The important part tho was how it becomes a symbol and draws in Rue’s trust and what not. 🙂 And it sounded WAAAAY more fancy looking than it turned out to be. Looked like something you’d find at goodwill in the bottom of the barrel jewelry box. Perhaps I just pictured it sparkling and insane because it would feed someone’s family a long time??

But moving onward, there were a few shots that seemed out of place with a bit of shaky cam work going on. But later, I found it suited the action so it didn’t bother me a bit. Overall, I thought the cinematography was good. Editing: I have to mention the venom scene. Clearly, a job well done. I really enjoyed the effects as well. I can’t say the whole movie was masterful, but that scene was everything I imagined. Overall editing was good, tho apparent in some scenes – as in, I don’t know why but it kept jumping out at me during a few conversations? I’m not sure if it’s the jumping axis or if I’d have done it differently, though. OH and loved the lighting on Peeta and Katniss when they were sitting on the “roof” by the window, with those soft glows and lights. Very pretty! 🙂 Sound design was neat – especially the moment with Rue and Katniss setting up their signals with the mockingbirds. Sounds were great during the Game, as well.

Haymitch and Effie and Caesar and Katniss really hit me spot on. RUE!! So so adorable and playful. Cinna and his gold eyeliner! Loved how they did the people of Capitol. Clearly, it also reminded me of other sci-fi “we’re from another world” costuming, but hey! Props for that. And did you see all those makeup and costume designers on the credits!? wow. Haymitch especially convinced me he was the near intolerable drunk who has more brain cells still alive & kickin than he lets on. OH OH, and why didn’t Katniss knock his drink out of his hand? Was it just me, or did anyone else sit there waiting and waiting for that moment!? Would have been a stand out scene. I’m still undecided on Gale or Peeta. Peeta is growing on me, Gale just seems a bit more something than I imagined. that’s alright, that’s piddly crap amirite! Generally, everybody felt like they should, even Foxface from the Game 🙂

I did feel moments of lulls or concerns. It wasn’t a spot on adaptation, but it was pretty good for PG13. There feels like big gaps of really neat moments gone to the wayside because of budget or time. The magical picnic that arrives to Kat and Peeta during the Games. The pin. The hunting of Gale and Katniss and how they were surviving. Deep down I know this is not as necessary of stuff to include. I’m just greedy and would have liked to see it. More of the tension is lost between Haymitch and Katniss. They do a pretty surprisingly good job of showing the push n pull of Kat’s struggle between identifying her feelings with Gale and with Peeta. I can’t help but point out how this triangle forming feels a little how it was in Twilight but more subdued. At least, less supernatural? haha. Peeta is that rock she wants to depend on & seeks comfort from, but Gale is more who she’s really attracted to? I dunno. I’m going to have to read more to figure out this connection or not.

I’m looking forward to the next one :3I would recommend if you enjoy action, bit of romance, politics, and uprisings and more – give the movie a try.