Going Nowhere

Documentary about recent college graduates who are unable to find work in this economy told from the perspective of a Jackson, Michigan citizen named Diana.

Music – Blue and Gray by Groove Component
Explode – Tay Zonday

Videography and editing by Kylee Pena (Wall), Katie Toomey, and Aaron Whiteford

Jason + Blair 2.13.10

The wedding of Jason and Blair Garland on February 13, 2010 in Indianapolis.

Videography by Katie Toomey and Kylee Wall
Editing by Kylee Wall

Audio – Smother Me by The Used

Heirloom Carpet Cleaning – How It’s Made/Done Style

Heirloom Carpet Cleaning services video explaining the various steps from initial inspection, dusting, washing, drying, and delivery/installation. The processes that go into their specialty carpet cleaning is fascinating to watch.

This video was shown at a large conference promoting Heirloom’s unique cleaning process.

October 2011.
Videographer: Aaron Whiteford
Editor: Katie Toomey
Freelance Project for Caboose Productions.

Oranje Event Indianapolis 2009

-Indy’s Oranje Event –
ORANJE is a contemporary art & music event showcasing progressive artists and musicians. The goal of ORANJE is to create an interactive experience of art and music presented in a stimulating, urban environment.

You can check out information and pictures from our past events by visiting the ORANJE History page of our website.

Moriarty Media

Katie Toomey


Sushi on the Rocks

A visit to Sushi on the Rocks, highlighting their menu, live music, speed dating, and much more! Watch our interview with Sushi chef and manager, John Lee. Sushi on the Rocks is located at the heart of downtown Indianapolis, just a few blocks from the Monument Circle.

Also, you can visit their website at: sotrindy.com

Special thanks goes to Mr. John Lee for giving us a great interview and allowing us to film inside and also the live music.

You may view this on Nuvo’s website here:
Music: “Red Sky” @ freeplaymusic.com
Videography: Kylee Wall(Pena) + Katie Toomey
Editing: Katie Toomey
Nuvo video.

Amo Joy CD Release Party at Locals Only

Amo Joy celebrates their CD release party at Locals Only in Indianapolis with the bands Thunderhawk, Everything Now!, & Andy D. Please watch in HD!!

Thanks to the bands, “Dragon” dude for showing off the face painting they had that night, and Locals Only.

Videography + Editing by: Katie Toomey
Nuvo video.

Interview with Kathleen McNally(S&C Promo)

Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers promo video featuring graduate and also now employee, Kathleen McNally talking about her experiences at the schools. Her life has completely changed after attending. This interview expresses her enthusiasm and gratitude for being able to move ahead in life.

One of an entire batch of interviews edited as part of a freelance project for ParadigMedia. No b-roll video provided. Edited down to 1-3 minutes from as long as half hour interviews.

Videography: ParadigMedia
Editor: Katie Toomey
Freeplay Music.

Kelby Thompson, Diesel Driving Academy Promo

Kelby Thompson is a recruiter for TMC Flatbed Trucking. He shares his fantastic experiences about working with students straight out of school from the Diesel Driving Academy.

One of an entire batch of interviews edited for Diesel Driving Academy to promote their schools through various trucking companies that hire their students. No b-roll provided. Edited interviews down to 1-3 mins.

Videography: ParadigMedia
Editor: Katie Toomey
Freeplay Music.

Get IndyVolved with Indy Hub & Butler University

Get IndyVolved was held at the Marion County Central Library Downtown on July 8th, 2009. The event featured over 60 organizations involved in this event! Check it out as we speak with Molly and Karissa from Indy Hub, as well as Julie from Butler University. You can find out more about this event at their website: indyhub.org

Special thanks to Molly, Karissa, and Julie!

Videography + Editing by: Katie Toomey
Nuvo Video.
“Full of Mesh” music track from freeplaymusic.com.