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Being an Advertising Editor: The Ins and Outs of Agency Work

In a post production filled world teeming with editors working on TV, film, sports, live shows and even the news, there are many in-house editors working on a huge range of less visible work. From commercial spots to web pre-rolls or even internal pitch reels, there is a rapidly expanding role of “staff editor” in markets all across America. Currently, I’m one of those editors working at an advertising agency. Before landing the job, I didn’t even realize this was an option for me. Yes! These kind of jobs in our industry…

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LA Adventures with Kylee ^.^

Right in time for Halloween weekend, I managed to get myself packed up, OFF work, pets somehow handled (huge thanks to Lauren & Evan), readied for a full day of traveling and /mischief managed - all in prep to fly out to California to visit the Amazing Kylee in LA (Note: I feel like I can refer to Kylee like a magician, now. That's all the title she needs hah) For some time now, we'd been wanting to get together and hang out, and she generously invited me to come stay with her. I thought once she moved coasts that it would be really hard to align…

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