It’s been a long wait on pins and needles! I’m so very excited to share something amazing I edited for Netflix during this past late summer into fall/winter. The project I worked on is the opening title sequence for the Netflix reboot series “Lost in Space” – originally from the 60’s series but of course with some changes, but hopefully still familiar enough for those that remember it from back then. ???

You can see an exclusive sneak peek at the main title sequence here. I will be updating my website soon with my work, along with updating my reel which has several more works I intend to edit into the mix so look for that soon.

It was an amazing experience for me, as I’ve never edited a title sequence quite like this. The process of going from only stills and rough audio to watching the progress of VFX animations and cutting those in each time, seeing it take shape and new rhythm. Most favourite of all, that ship coming to life was something to behold, and once more with everything polished. Unfortunately, I don’t have any timelines available this far out that I can share so what I can try to do is describe my process throughout this work, and I hope that suffices. I still remember all my process like it was yesterday.

Initially, it was about timing out the intro to work in all the assets in the time allotted. Lots of stills of space, historical events in space, and from the show itself. A rough clip of the ship getting sucked in to try to incorporate in. Some loose ideas on the structure and pacing which was reshaped over time to include the new elements and notes.

The selection of stills to be used involved a lot of research! Deep diving into the history of space, the progressions, struggles, and victories over all the years. In one of those searches, I learned about Laika the dog (a tragic tale) and listened to some of the really great speeches of our time about space exploration and travel. Spent awhile tracking down their sources, too.

At one point, there were several notable speech snippets between the music.  All part of the work in progress stage, really. It did sound kind of neat.

There were many iterations of combinations of stills, also. These were loosely mapped onto the ships like projections, each time becoming more part of the ship in shape and how they moved or flickered. or often times, the part of the ship was swapped out to better suit each one. It was really awesome to see some of the more final versions with all their polish and shine.

The credits involving director, writers, actors, basically everything went through an incredible amount of placements and timings. All part of the process to figure out how to achieve all the requirements, and proper order, and everything. Those are very particular things that have specific needs. It was a good challenge to formulate all that.

Sometimes it was placing one credit during the rough vfx stage and realizing later it would need to move because the visuals had changed, and it looked better elsewhere. Also, the art involved with graphics, like font and sizing and style, too. Maybe those show up when it launches on the 13th, I am assuming this release was just to highlight the visuals itself?

The music and VFX went through immense changes. From the rough audio loosely cut and transitioned together to make a piece that would fit and feel the right tone for such an intro to an epic series. Then, to the actual composer putting together various stages of mixes, adding this here or taking that out there, and now to the final version you hear today was huge leaps! I really love the theme so I didn’t mind hearing it all those times over.

And my favourite part: the ship! There were many stages of the ship involved – not only in the way it looked, but in the way it moved. To stay true to the series in animating it. To feel properly in it’s environment and within the title.

The title itself “Lost in Space” was the crowning piece to the whole setup. Obviously, it should make an entrance, and I think that was achieved beautifully. So many ways to animate it in, and how it spread, and also how it transitioned from the ship coming around it.  A lot of the animators worked in my same room, and I could wander by and see the progress happening. That was a pretty cool process to see and many ways were tried before settling on the one you see now.

It’s really quite a pleasure to be sharing something I’ve sat on for a long time, and with anything in post, you just never know what will happen. I am beyond honored and thrilled to have gotten the chance to do this, and I hope to do more like this in the future, if I can!  I’d also have loved to help edit on the actual series. I just love space.

The “Lost in Space” series launches on April 13th on Netflix. If you like Star Trek or other sci-fi series, I think this one should be interesting. Can’t wait!