Project Work
Auntie Anne's Pop Promos
Two :15 spots combined into :30 for Auntie Anne
Editor Reel
A collection of works including a feature film, an
Love Dance Teaser
Check out this LEAKED FOOTAGE from “Love Dan
Mark Greenburg, NETTTS/CDTFI
Short video of an interview with Mark Greenburg, f
He Who Watches Teaser
Short teaser. Upcoming trailer and premiere this F
Going Nowhere
Documentary about recent college graduates who are
Jason + Blair 2.13.10
The wedding of Jason and Blair Garland on February
Heirloom Carpet Cleaning - How It's Made/Done Style
Heirloom Carpet Cleaning services video explaining
Sons of Amber - Part One
Directed and Edited by: Katie Toomey & Aaron W
Sons of Amber - Part Two
Directed and Edited by: Katie Toomey & Aaron W
Oranje Event Indianapolis 2009
-Indy’s Oranje Event – ORANJE is a con
Happy Holidays Snowglobe
Animation by Katie Toomey Happy Holidays December