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My shoes are squishy and soaked. I’m holding up the biggest umbrella I own and using my phone precariously like a flashlight. At 3AM, the sky is dark and pouring rain. I had peeked outside the stained motel curtains in exhaustion right before venturing out and spotted rain. It wasn’t merely raining, it was actual torrential pouring […]

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Being an Advertising Editor: The Ins and Outs of Agency Work

In a post production filled world teeming with editors working on TV, film, sports, live shows and even the news, there are many in-house editors working on a huge range of less visible work. From commercial spots to web pre-rolls or even internal pitch reels, there is a rapidly expanding role of “staff editor” in markets all […]

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Dear 19 year old me, Sincerely future me

I recently looked up my old Livejournal entries (no, you cannot have my user name) after a conversation with some of my favourite people got into discussing our lives during the whole Livejournal era. I was only about 19 when I first starting posting. I’m now 35. I might have a few things to tell myself […]

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LA Adventures with Kylee ^.^

Right in time for Halloween weekend, I managed to get myself packed up, OFF work, pets somehow handled (huge thanks to Lauren & Evan), readied for a full day of traveling and /mischief managed – all in prep to fly out to California to visit the Amazing Kylee in LA (Note: I feel like I can refer […]

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On the first day of September, I woke up at a quite ‘lovely’ early hour to get ready to attend a workshop out in Charlotte about production and lighting, hosted by SNL’s Alex Buono called Visual Storytelling 2. It was a humid, foggy morning, and since it’s a bit of a drive from Winston Salem, I needed to […]

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Yes, I’m a part of the NAB Show virgins. Well… I mean to say, I was! There’s many great articles already out there about being new to NAB and for surviving it with grace and sanity. That’s not exactly what I’ll be writing about, or rather, not specifically. I just want to share with all […]

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I love Halloween. It’s probably been one of my favourite holidays since I can remember. I enjoy dressing up, going to haunted houses, sitting around fires roasting s’mores and listening to scary stories. I will preface all this by mentioning I haven’t ever quite made it through actually watching 31 scary movies during October, and […]

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*taps mic* I’m no good at this whole blues thing. Sorry. I often listen to metal. If I could, I’d try to sing the blues to see if I felt any better. I’m sad. Instead… let me write some thoughts out here where you too might feel a little comfort, and I will offer some ways […]

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How many times have you or someone else asked how important Twitter is in regards to our field? I can answer for you: quite a lot. Or rather, you’ll get out of Twitter what you put in. Even if you only lurk, you may discover some cool follows or perhaps have a bit of conversation […]