Spirit Week

How do we show our spirit at Mullen Lowe Winston-Salem? With a shot-for-shot remake of a scene from The Breakfast Club, of course.

(watch the original scene: youtube.com/watch?v=tCK_uA3Y9Yg)

Starring role as The Basketcase (Ally Sheedy’s character) but in spirit week terms, I’m Pajama Day as a giraffe.

Work Work, Bang Bang

A tour de farce about working for the man & the sweet (and spicy) victory that comes when ya get risky. Created for the 2015 Mullen Lowe WS Spike Awards.

Edited in Premiere Pro CC 2014.

Boom mic operator/PA.

Bake to the Future

Mullen Lowe Winston Salem’s final Summer of Awesome event of 2015! This is an internal company video made for a baking for charity event at work. A fun spin on Back to the Future!

Edited in Premiere Pro CC 2015 + After Effects.